about our podiatry practice New York, NY
Are you looking for a foot doctor? Pain and loss of function in our feet and ankles can be a huge obstacle, and we understand that getting your body back to normal is of the utmost importance to you.

That is why we offer the highest standard of care in podiatry. We seek to make your visit simple, stress-free, and effective! It is our goal to resolve your pain and function issues in a way that allows you to live the life you are accustomed to.

Don’t live in pain! There are a number of causes for podiatric issues, please contact us today so we can identify the cause and solution for your particular problem! We want you to be walking, running, jumping and living the lifestyle you want to!

Contact us today to learn more about podiatry or any specific conditions you may be experiencing. We’d be happy to speak with you and discuss your care!

Bryon Butts, DPM

Performance Footcare PC in Midtown West Manhattan in New York is a leading podiatric and foot and ankle surgery practice. Led by Bryon Butts, DPM, Performance Footcare provides outstanding services for all foot conditions, from blisters and ingrown toenails to stress fractures and serious tendon and ligament injuries. Dr. Butts specializes in sports medicine and treating foot and lower limb conditions in runners.

New York is a busy city, and many people spend a great deal of time on their feet. Whether it’s walking in Central Park, running to catch a cab, or going out for an evening jog, New Yorkers spend more time on their feet than most Americans. Performance Footcare exists to help address pain in the feet and ankles. Dr. Butts and his team work closely with patients to identify the cause of their symptoms and recommend the appropriate treatments, using conventional, noninvasive options, innovative new therapies, and, where appropriate, advanced surgical options.

Services available at Performance Footcare include the minimally invasive Tenex procedure for plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis, medial incision surgery for bunions and hammertoes, radial shockwave (extracorporeal pulse activation technology, or EPAT) for plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, and neuroma, and cryoablation for Morton’s neuroma.

Dr. Butts administers regenerative medicine therapies including PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and stem cell injections in office and provides digital X-ray and ultrasound facilities for a fast and accurate diagnosis. The practice also sells Canodyne® CBD gel, topical antifungals (Formula 7®, FungiFoam®, and Dr.’s REMEDY®) for nail and skin infections, urea creams to treat calluses and dry skin, and the award-winning VACOtalus® by OPED ankle brace.