Orthotics: How They Can Treat Your Flat Feet

Orthotics: How They Can Treat Your Flat Feet

The arches of your feet are a relatively small part of your body. But did you know they have a huge impact on your overall wellness?

Healthy arches provide critical support for your feet. Your feet then support your legs, your legs support your back, and so on. If you have low arches, fallen arches, or flat feet, your body might not have the support it needs.

Having flat feet can cause pain from the sole of your foot all the way to your back. Fortunately, you don’t have to turn to surgery to correct the issue.

Bryon Butts, DPM, and our podiatric team at Performance Footcare PC offer custom orthotics to provide the support your feet are missing and deliver some much-needed relief. Here’s how they work.

Orthotics support better foot biomechanics

Your feet are a complex combination of bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. These bones, muscles, and other soft tissues are small, yet they bear your body weight each time you stand and walk.

The term “biomechanics” refers to the way all these elements work together to support your body weight. If you have flat feet, your body weight isn’t distributed like it should be. Your weight may put too much pressure on some parts of your feet and not enough pressure on other parts, which can cause foot issues like fatigue, pain, swelling, and pronation.

Custom orthotics treat flat feet by improving your foot biomechanics and redistributing your body weight. Orthotics are medical devices designed specifically for your feet, and they fit into the shoes you wear every day.

Dr. Butts and our team offer a handful of different orthotic options, including full-shoe and half-shoe inserts. Most custom orthotics have a custom-molded plastic base with cushioning in specific places, and we can help you decide which type is best for you. 

Custom orthotics vs. store-bought orthotics

You can find shoe inserts and insoles in almost any drugstore, and many packages claim these inserts are orthotics. But while these over-the-counter solutions can provide some cushioning and arch support, they lack the advanced technology for more significant pain relief.

Choosing custom orthotics ensures you get inserts that address the root cause of your pain. They fit your feet perfectly, and many people find them more effective and more durable than store-bought options.

Getting custom orthotics for flat feet

If you have symptoms of flat feet, orthotics could be a good solution for you. Dr. Butts offers comprehensive consultations to diagnose what’s causing your symptoms; then, he creates a treatment plan for you.

Orthotics are a non-surgical option that can provide significant relief from flat foot pain. If you choose orthotics, we take detailed measurements of your feet and your orthotics are made for you in a lab.

When your orthotics are ready, you come back to the office for a fitting. We may give you instructions for getting used to wearing your orthotics, depending on your foot condition and the type of orthotics you have. Once you start wearing orthotics, you should begin to notice less foot fatigue, better support, and reduced pain.

Ready to see what orthotics could do for you? Call to schedule a consultation at our offices in New York or Lake Success, New York, or request your first appointment online now.

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